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" The salon's dedication to professionalism is evident in their strict adherence to industry standards. Beautiful nails as is normal with all the employees. When I got here early Saturday morning the place was packed but they got to me very quickly Was looking for a new nail place and my friends recommended Nail Design! My gel nails always look natural, not thick and gloppy! "

(5/5 stars - Lizzie Morgan)

" Good experience. Stopped in at 3p on a Friday to surprise my wife and 2 preteen daughters. It was 2 days before Christmas and they handled us just fine, no waiting. They got their nails done. The staff were polite and professional, and the price was reasonable. We will definitely come here again. '

(5/5 stars - Local Guide)

'  I just love getting my nails done here I've been getting my nails done here for a long time. The salon offers a variety of nail enhancement options, such as nail extensions or overlays. Amazing nail spa! I absolutely loved it from the time I walked in to paying and leaving. Nail Design is my go-to for a great manicure. They does perfect manicures and dip powder. "

(5/5 stars - Joanna Harris)

"  Have been coming to Nail Design since the day it opened! I got gel nail polish over 2 & 1/2 weeks ago and it is still on and they look flawless! Never had a bad nail day with them✨ They really take the time to make sure you're happy with your nails. The salon uses high-quality tools and equipment, guaranteeing a professional and satisfying service. "

(5/5 stars - Filippa Brown)


"  All around good service and I will definitely be making Nail Design my nail salon I got gel nail polish over 2 & 1/2 weeks ago and it is still on and they look flawless! Friendly staff and beautifully decorated establishment. Really appreciated the professionalism offered, delivered with a giant friendly attitude. The salon's customer-centric approach sets them apart from others in the industry. "

(5/5 stars - Calliope Brooks)

" The service is exceptional! I am a repeat customer and highly recommend Nail Design They does perfect manicures and dip powder Will provide you the most comfortable and relaxing experience. This nail salon has exceeded my expectations in every way. They are friendly, clean and I always leave very happy with the way my nails look. "

(5/5 stars - Yasmin Meschede)

" I’ll definitely be coming back Nail Design Absolutely excellent customer service and an even better manicure. Staff friendly and helpful. They got me in, fixed my nails. The salon's pricing is reasonable and transparent, offering great value for the quality of service you receive. "

(5/5 stars - Penelope Scott)

"  The salon is ALWAYS clean and friendly staff. My nails looked fantastic! Nail Design was also very clean and had a lot of polish choices They are friendly and no matter the pinterest design i show them, they do am awesome job "

(5/5 stars - Rachel Rivera)

" A little bit of a wait, but WELL worth it! My toes look perfect!! The nail technicians are so kind and professional!! "

(5/5 stars - T J)

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