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Christmas Nail Trends 2023: Add Festive Flair to Your Fingers | Nail Design | Lincoln, NE 68516

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it's time to decorate your nails and deck the halls! Christmas nail art this year is all about showcasing vivid hues, fun patterns, and a hint of glitter to celebrate the occasion. | Lincoln, NE 68516 

Nail Design | Lincoln, NE 68516

Trending Colors:

  • Jewel Tones: Use sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green to embrace the season's abundance. These striking hues give any Christmas ensemble a hint of luxury.
  • Dark & Moody: Subtle variations on traditional Christmas colors can be found in deep purple, navy blue, and dark burgundy. For an added festive touch, add some glitter or metallic accents.

    Nail Design | Lincoln, Nebraska 68516
  • Monochrome Magic: Any Christmas nail art has a sophisticated and classic foundation made of black, white, and off-white. For a unique touch, add snowflakes, reindeer, or other festive designs.
  • Holographic & Reflective: Use holographic and reflective nail polishes to give your nails a magical touch. These striking details are ideal for achieving a fun and festive aesthetic.

Popular Design Ideas:

  • Nails featuring gingerbread and candy canes are becoming popular Christmas confections! For a cute and cheery look, make gingerbread houses, candy cane stripes, or even silly gingerbread men.
  • Red and Green Accents: Use a mix of red and green to keep it elegant but festive. For a romantic touch, think about including mistletoe, snowflakes, or even designs of Christmas trees.
  • Classy Christmas: Choose exquisite Christmas nail designs for a more refined appearance. Consider using delicate silhouettes of reindeer, ombre glitter accents, or metallic snowflakes.

    Nail Design | Lincoln, NE 68516
  • Christmas Tree Nail Art: Get festive with your nail art to show off your love for the holidays. You can use elaborate patterns or stick to a monochromatic look by painting one tree on each nail.

    Nail Design | Lincoln, Nebraska 68516
  • Candy Cane Glitter Glam: Use candy cane glitter to give your nails a little extra shine. This joyful pattern is ideal for giving your holiday ensemble a whimsical touch.
  • Everything that Shines Green and Gold: Use a mix of green and gold glitter to look opulent. This opulent style is ideal for festivities and holiday parties.
  • Delicious Christmas Puddings: Use a whimsical design to bring the festive flavors of Christmas pudding to your nails. Make a pudding base with red, green, and white polish, then decorate with holly berries, sprinkles, and other festive elements.
  • Starry Night, Starry Sky: A starry night nail design will help you capture the enchantment of a wintry wonderland. Start with a base coat of black or dark blue polish, then add tiny white dots to make stars. For an added touch, you can also include the moon or other celestial objects.

You can find the ideal Christmas nail art to celebrate the season in style, with so many stylish colors and design ideas to pick from. There is a design out there to help you get into the holiday spirit, regardless of your preference for a classic style or something more whimsical and cheerful. Now that you have your preferred polish, get ready to adorn your fingers with festive touches!

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